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Oct 20, 2011

Vacation in Southern Europe: Venice

So, I dragged my wife out on another trip, but this time there was no snow. Yeah, someone with fewer brain cells than I planned our last vacation - in the dead middle of winter in New York City....but let's not be the type to find out who that was and hunt them down for some version of retribution and whatnot....I'm all about forgiveness and all that happy sun-shiny stuff.

Anyway, note to those who've not crossed the dateline from Los Angeles to the other side of the planet, if you get the opportunity to do so here's a plan instead....take a pencil. Sharpen said pencil. Stab self in eye with said pencil. Take comfort in know that you've spared yourself a much worse day. (Who said I wasn't a shrink?!)

Yeah, well, after arriving in New York we connected in Madrid, then on to Venice. The city was quiet, picturesque just like all of the stories of it are told - less the thieves, panhandlers, and roughly 10 billion tourists with the slight problem of no taxis on the island except in one small area. This results in those 10 billion tourists hoofing it all over the city with their many suitcases, over cobblestones, up and down a myriad of bridges and into some of the worlds oldest and most well know areas.....ha ha ha!!! I laugh at them! That is until we did the same thing in Rome, but again, let's let bygones be the identity property of themselves.

Aside from being chilly, the place was fun to walk around...for the first day and a half that is....after that I was willing to steal a nun's shoes had she been smart enough to hide a pair of walking shoes underneath that very solemn black dress (don't let them fool you, those nuns: Prada apparently designs the best habits for them).

Again, sidetracked...hhhmmm. So we had a chance to visit/see/absorb/flog other tourists cutting in line (ahem) the Piazza San Marco (where we crashed a fashion photo shoot), The Doges's Palace, Basilica of San Marco, and the Grand Canal. A note to those who hate shopping...avoid basically.....everywhere here!

Anyway, a ton of fun....next was Rome!


Michelle Dianne said...

"I will be posting my pictures later today" means posting 8?! lol Where's the rest?

Albert Menzies said...

Not to worry.....another 25 blog posts will include all of the pictures....hurray for you, right?! :p

Michelle Dianne said...
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