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Dec 5, 2009

The World Really Is Flat....Right?!

Its funny how that life seems to be nothing more than a rhetoric statement, and sarcastic label, and joke, a game and yet in the slightest of movements perspective can change and everything is seen differently. Its sad just how little has changed in such a long time. Since the 6th century BC, some Greeks held that the world was a globe, a sphere. Then some picked up the idea that the world had to be flat. And yet Columbus sailed to the other side of it. People argued for centuries that man could not fly. And yet science proved all of these wrong, empirically.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people would choose a more ignorant view of anything and knowingly so. I certainly don't claim to have answers, but when someone can show you something to be true, prove it so...well, I simply can't process a person's willingness to ignore that truth.

We all think that we know best. And yet even the slightest bit of perspective can change everything.

The Hidden Tiger
“Groar!” This tiger is calling his mate. Yes, there is an extra tiger hidden somewhere in this artwork. It is not easy to find, but once found, is hard to ignore! A wildlife painting involving an optical illusion theme by the American artist Rusty Rust.

Change is good? Not always...not in its iteration of regression. Not when its backwards. And yet there are always groups and individuals who would like to ram bad information down the mouths of the masses.

Perhaps there are some that can accept bad information or ignore things all together, but there are some who cannot. There are some who can't scarf down the repeated mentions that the "world is flat". That doctors are witches. That scientists are evil.

And yet its a scientists research that makes that car you drive work. Its the doctor that you denigrate so often that performs that surgery that saves your life. And then perspective changes.

Yes...pigs can fly...and the Earth is round...and just maybe you're wrong - go figure!

By the way...no one said that the second tiger was an image...look at the strips on the single tiger and READ the stripes....perspective.