/* ?! wHAT bOX: July 2009

Jul 4, 2009


Yeah, so i'm just a little late...heh heh. Uh, it was hot, a bit hot, and just a little hot. I 'exfoliated' more pores, which I think is 'spa-speak' for sweating in a steamy room for an hour while trying not to pass out. Mine was just the sweat part, but all day.

I took the long way to belize from dallas because some very nice people had to knock me off the flight. I ended up flying to fort lauderdale , fl -> driving to miami, fl -> sleeping in miami over night and leaving the next morning. my little homeless shelter :) sleeping with one eye one my bag and another on the dude behind me was a bit weird tho.

when i finally did get there we had blast with bro. white's young people. besides laughing out my appendix and eating 10 pounds a day and having to drag my grandmother off of the bus, ahem, i had fun. did i mention that it was hot?? yeah, there was that. click on the pictures to see all of them.