/* ?! wHAT bOX: May 2009

May 31, 2009

Graduation de Elizerbeth

So people grow up, it appears. My cousin decided to graduate from high school and I had the fun of shooting it. This was the night after the grad when we took her to eat at some fancy Italian place, the pain is still fresh from the bill, and running around downtown in a bus of a limo. Um, also, this was my first time using a speed light and I over exposed everything trying to compensate..sniff sniff. Oh, the pain...

May 8, 2009


I had to fly to Nashville, Friday to sing one song that night and then fly back out the next morning at 6 for work after staying up most of the night! Ahem, some of my more ... anti-albert-whining friends tell me to make the best of this trip, so here's my attempt.

My cereal! And enormous bowl, ha! From Nashville

Relative to a normal-sized bowl. That joker took 30 minutes to eat. I was sick of the mushy...um, whatever it was by then. From Nashville

Very high quality shaking, you know. From the stage at AMC, held at...um...lemme check...aha! Opryland Hotel in Nashville. From Nashville

I'm not sure what Joel's thinking right now, but its not about the song. Might be lunch...From Nashville